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"A dog has one aim in life... to bestow his heart." -J.R. Ackerly

Adoption Fee Paid! Keyla

A Secret Santa will pay Keyla's adoption fee through the month of December!

Keyla is very sweet and wants to please. She loves to go for early morning walks and is very vocal, letting you know when it's meal time or she wants to go outside (she loves to lay on the grass, basking in the sun). Keyla has a couple of favorite toys and will greet her humans at the door with one in her mouth. She does not get on furniture and sleeps on her pillow beside the bed. [More]

  • Female
  • St. Augustine Area

Foster Home Needed! Joshua

Joshua is a total sweetheart with brains to boot. He is attentive to his human once he learns to trust, and is always eager to please. He knows sit, shake, lay down, stay, and come. Stay can be a little difficult sometimes, since he's so anxious to bound back to his human for that treat, but he is learning quickly!

Joshua will also sit and "wait" for his meals until his human gives him the "ok". He does very well in his crate once he has been coaxed in with treats and praise, and his foster mom knows he will master crate training in no time.

Joshua is 18 months old and is housebroken, walks well on a leash and will make a great hiking and running companion as long as it's not too hot out. He still needs to learn proper greeting and social skills with other dogs, especially on leash. He loves people, though he has not been tested with kids yet.

Joshua is the perfect mix of energy and calm. He has little spurts of energy and loves to prance around the house with his raw-hide or chase after a toy. He has lovingly earned the name "twinkle toes" for his pony-like prance when he is excited. Once he has expelled his energy, he is perfectly content to cuddle up with his human and just hang out. He sleeps through the night and is happy to let you sleep in on the weekends! To find out more about this cutie, please complete our online adoption application today. He is being fostered by Kali in Tallahassee, FL. [More]

  • Male
  • Tallahassee Area

Adoption Fee Paid! Jiggs

A Secret Santa will pay Jiggs' adoption fee through the month of December!

Talk about a sweet boy - everyone loves Jiggs! He has good manners, a calm demeanor and is content just being in the same room with you. When you first meet him, you might notice that he is a little unsteady on his feet, but not to worry; it doesn't stop him from getting around and enjoying short walks. Jiggs enjoys his crate, but will sleep on his doggy bed next to you too. [More]

  • Male
  • Jacksonville Area


Finnigan is a handsome 5 year old, new to the BARC program; please check back for updates. He is being fostered by Stephanie in Jacksonville, FL. [More]

  • Male
  • Jacksonville Area

Adoption Fee Paid! Betty

A Secret Santa will pay Betty's adoption fee through the month of December!

Betty could easily be called Ms. Wiggle Butt! After work, she is so excited to see her foster mom, she kidney-beans all the while wagging her nub! She is definitely a snuggler and wants to be anywhere you are.

Betty is also quite the chow hound and a treat fanatic. She is very playful with the other boxer in the home and they run circles around the backyard; Betty looks like a deer leaping when she jumps off the deck when a tennis ball is thrown. She is such a sweetheart! [More]

  • Female
  • Tallahassee Area

Meeting Pending! Bridget Jones

Two year old Bridget Jones is new to the BARC program; please check back for updates. [More]

  • Female
  • Greater Jacksonville Area


NOT JUST ANOTHER PRETTY FACE - Ivory is the sweetest little lady ever! Almost completely white except for a ringed eye and small flecks on her ears, Ivory is quite striking. She has a wonderful personality and is eager to please! The only thing she loves more than her big doggy bed and chew toys are children!

Ivory is very active outdoors, but quickly calms down in the house. Favorite game? Bite the water hose! She has not given the cats or rabbit a second look, and why would she? She has great manners!

Ivory is 3 years old and weighs 55 lbs.; she is housebroken, leash trained, and knows basic commands like "sit" and "down". She also loves to play with other dogs and warms up to them quickly. Ivory does well in a crate during the day, but at night she does cry for her people, but guess what? She doesn't even need to be crated at night, she just heads to her doggy bed! To find out more about this precious little girl, please complete our online adoption application today. Ivory is being fostered by Alana in Panama City, FL. [More]

  • Female
  • Panama City Area