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Two years ago, we were very blessed when Courtney decided that we would a good home for Alex - her special boy, a white, shy Boxer boy. He had found his own way to a rescue foster home in Jacksonville -while looking for our house. He joined rowdy Beau and his bossy sister, the alpha Belle.

AJ fits right in - he has established his own self in the pecking order. Watching them all eat is a hoot! We set up the three bowls and they all rotate equally among them. When he got here, he ate his food dry, as Courtney had done, while the twins ate theirs wet. Once they found out his was not EXACTLY the way theirs was they stopped eating completely until we added warm water to his too, so then it was back to suctioning the pattern off the bottom off the bowls. Everyone seems to get their share... as we can tell by rib cage. The boys wrestle equally never knowing who is going to be on top. AJ is referred to as the "brother from another mother.

We love him to bits and he smiles ALL the time! He also THINKS he is a terrific guard dog of course he is best watching falling leaves. He loves his Kong and his tennis ball stick in the shape of a jack. We sometimes call him "Tonya" because he runs up behind us and whacks us in the back of the leg with it - like Tonya Harding - to get us to throw it for him, so he can fetch. He also is a champion snuggler and has an endless supply of kisses! Beau has taught him how to sing and Belle has taught him how to pull Jen's hair. He is clearly very pleased with himself!

We are so glad BARC chose us to be his forever home.

Thank you,
Chris and Jen [Back]

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