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Because she was rescued from a local shelter on April Fools’, April was named in honor of the day. From her energetic, keep-up-with-the kids attitude and the lack of grey in her typical Boxer black mask, you’d never guess her to be approximately 7 years old. She’s clearly had several litters of puppies and has some scarring around her neck, possibly from being tied up, but she’s a happy, bouncy girl, often curling herself into the signature Boxer “kidney bean.”

Currently fostered in a home where she is one of four Boxers, she quickly figured out how to wiggle into our hearts with her affectionate behavior. She loves to snuggle up, sleep in bed, and play with her foster sisters and brother. April is a pretty fawn color with four white toes, and cropped ears and a docked tail. She will need some medical care before finding her forever home, including being spayed; she may also need surgery to remove a growth and to address a mass that has developed in one of her breasts. The good news: April is heartworm negative and up-to-date on her vaccinations. She is a sweet, smart girl who will make a great addition to a lucky home! April is being fostered by Rodney, Angie & Dylan in St. Augustine.

Update from foster home:
As she becomes more comfortable with her adoptive family, we're discovering that April is a very "vocal" Boxer. She "talks" to her people in a grumbly rumbly voice in response to attention and affection. It's very much like a conversation, except the people are talking and April is rumbling. She's very friendly, but definitely lets her family know when strangers come close to her yard. She's the pefect combination: a very friendly, happy "kidney bean" Boxer AND an alert, energetic girl who's always looking out for her people. As we work through her health issues we continue to be amazed at her energy and enthusiam!

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  • Female
  • St. Augustine Area
  • B09-020

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