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Mae, Magnum, and Jimmy

Macy (aka Mae) and Reilly (aka Magnum) found their forever home in the spring of 2009. They join Ray, Amy, BARC alum Jimbo (aka Jimmy), and two feline friends, Annabelle & Ivy in Bainbridge, Georgia. There they have a large wooded lot where they can run, tug, retrieve, chase squirrels, and bask in the warmth of a sunny day. They are so funny. If you watch them from the corner of your eye you can catch them running full steam through the woods for no other reason than the fact that they can. It must be quite a sense of freedom after the rough lives so many of these BARC babies have had. We had no idea when we adopted Jimbo two years ago that by the spring of '09 we'd have three BARC rescue dogs. Three dogs of any breed are a huge commitment. It should only be undertaken if you have the time it takes to show them equal devotion and the space where they can safely run and play. We're lucky. We have both of those requirements and we now have the most wonderful family of animals. They all accept and are comfortable with each other.

There are so many BARC volunteers we'd like to thank for helping us bring together a good family. Of course there are the foster parents - Jimbo's Courtney & Dan, Macy's Angela & Nick, and Reilly's Angela, Rodney, & Dylan. They all did a wonderful job preparing the animals for the transition into permanent homes. We would especially like to thank Courtney and Mandi for all the help they gave us. We lost our female, Hannah, in December of last year in a very violent way. As soon as we contacted them and mentioned that we wanted to adopt again they just worked so very hard to help us accomplish that goal. They understood what it meant to us to bring a new member into our family. No one could replace Hannah but just knowing that Courtney and Mandi were working with us got us through the stress of the holidays.

We know that if you are reading this you already know what a wonderful organization BARC is. By the time a BARC baby is ready to be adopted, the prospective parent has a good handle on the dog's health. It's an added bonus that they also are neutered, house broken, crate trained, and most importantly there is a good read on their temperament. It's just such a good recipe for success. We assure you that we will never have any other dog than a rescue dog. The entire Spanjers clan thanks all of you at BARC for the kindnesses you have shown us. Jimbo, Macy, and Reilly are great members of our family. By the way, if you want to get three wiggling, kidney bean boxers to sit still for a picture just put a dog treat between your teeth! [Back]

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