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When Camellia's owner decided he didn't have time for her anymore, he dumped her and Flynn at a panhandle shelter. The shelter explained that due to overcrowding, Cammie and Flynn would likely have to be put to sleep and their former owner signed their lives away without a care. Not a very good way to treat a friend, is it? Fortunately, Camellia and Flynn are now tucked safely in the BARC program. Cammie is estimated to be approximately 5-6 years old. She is currently receiving all medical treatments and will be available for adoption within the next month. Please consider opening your heart (and your home) to one or both of these beautiful animals. Cammie is being fostered by Angie and Nick in Ludowici, GA

Update from foster home 9/11/08: Cammie is so playful, with such a youthful vibrancy! You cannot tell she is six! She loves walks and so enjoys being outside with you. Her beautiful doe eyes can melt away your heart. It is truly amazing how someone would just abandon her like they did-their loss. She knows "sit" and "in" (when its time to get into her crate so I can go to work) and we're working on other basic commands. She especially knows what "You wanna go for a walk?" means... she'll jet for the door and wait for you! She is housebroken for the most part (a few accidents when she first got here, but they seem to not happen anymore). She is a snuggler, has a beautiful boxer wiggle, and loves to give big sloppy boxer kisses as much as you'll let her. What a gem this girl is! Cammie is ready for her new home now.

Boxer kisses to Angie and Nick for sponsoring Cammie! [Back]

  • Female
  • Ludowici, GA Area
  • B08-054

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