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I'm Jasmine! I'm a 16 month old flashy brindle girl and I'm looking for a new family to call my own. Like many female Boxers, I can be a bossy gal with other dogs but I would be well suited for a placement with a male canine friend. Basically, I would just love a new person/family who will be as committed to me as I will be to them. Previously, I lived with three dogs and four children. They were renting and were not allowed to have big dogs, so when the landlord found out, I was dumped at the shelter.

You may be surprised to know that my previous family paid a high price for me at a mall-based pet store. This major national pet-store chain purchased me from a puppy mill in Kansas. Although they paid a lot of money for me, they shouldn't have bought me at all and here is why: read buying pet store puppies and help others understand what they can do to stop the cruelty that my parents and other dogs at puppy mills suffer. If you read it, you'll see why even though when you walk into a pet store and see an adorable puppy like I was (and I was!) you won't buy me. If people didn't buy from places like this, they wouldn't sell puppies, and without the market the cruelty ends. It's as simple as that. WOOF!

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  • Female
  • Tallahassee Area
  • B08-012