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Chip is a cutie! He is a sweet, fairly laid back little Boxer boy who we think is around 18 months old. He has a smaller stature but at 45 lbs, he is underweight. He was impounded by an animal shelter on the panhandle and then turned over to BARC for rehabilitation and placement. As you can tell from the pictures, he is quickly making himself at home at his foster parent's house! Chip has not had any accidents in the house and has been nothing but a well-behaved little boy. He is working on his leash manners. Chip is recovering from kennel cough and will be available for adoption after that. Chip is being fostered by Ann in Navarre.

Comments from foster home: Chip cries in his crate for a short time at night. Because his cry is so faint, I thought he couldnít bark, but he let out a deep, loud bark when somebody rang the door bell one afternoon. Chip is very laid back! He likes to chew on his toys, but he spends a lot of time following me around and lying down whenever Iím stationary. I think Chip would make a wonderful pet for almost any type of household!

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  • Male
  • Navarre Area
  • B07-034

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