Foster to Adopt Program

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"My little dog - a heartbeat at my feet". -Edith Wharton

What is the Foster to Adopt Program?

The majority of the dogs that come into the B.A.R.C. program come from animal shelters or from situations where they were not appropriately cared for. We would like to adopt them out as soon as we feel we have been able to properly assess their personality and know what kind of home best suits them. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible because many of the dogs come in to our program requiring extensive veterinary care. For example, more than 80% of the dogs in our program have heartworms when we first get them. This is a treatable disease, but the treatment protocol averages about three months. They cannot be adopted until the disease is cured. As a result, they must remain in one of our scarce foster homes all this time. Since foster homes are so hard to come by, this means while these dogs sit in our program waiting to get better, we may have to pass over other Boxers we could help if we had the space. Also, the foster dog often bonds with the foster parent during this time when they could be bonding with their new family. This is why we have created what we call a “Foster-to-Adopt” program.

If a dog on our webpage is listed as a “Foster-to-Adopt” candidate, this means that we are willing to move this dog immediately to an approved person/family who would like to adopt them when they are healthy. All Foster-to-Adopt candidate dogs have already been spayed/neutered but may require treatment or be in the middle of treatment for heartworms, mange, intestinal parasites or other ailments. The family will sign a legally binding foster contract just like any of our regular foster homes. The new family will agree to house the dog and take care of it during the recovery process. B.A.R.C. pays for all of the necessary medical care to rehabilitate the Boxer and educates the person/family as needed as to how to care for the dog during this time. Adopters participating in this program must be willing to take the dog to a B.A.R.C. partner veterinarian for all medical care and work with a B.A.R.C. vetting services coordinator for medical authorization during this time. If the adopter is not located close to a B.AR.C. partner veterinarian, this may require some drive time on the part of the adopter. B.A.R.C. partner veterinarians are located primarily in Jacksonville and Tallahassee. When the dog is fully vetted and healthy, the person/family will then sign an adoption contract and pay an adoption fee to reimburse B.A.R.C. in part for the medical care provided just as they would if they had adopted a dog in the typical way. The finalization of the adoption/signing of the adoption contract and fee payment pass legal ownership of the Boxer from B.A.R.C. to the new owner.

People/families who participate in our Foster-to-Adopt program not only provide a loving home for a rescued Boxer, they also save other Boxers at the same time by opening up a space in one of our regular foster homes so that ultimately, B.A.R.C. can rescue more Boxers! If you have any further questions about our Foster-to-Adopt program or for information on becoming a regular foster parent, please email