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New Video! Donations Needed! Wiley

To donate toward the vet bills related to Wiley's broken back, please click here.

Poor Wiley was found in the road by a concerned citizen, who promptly call animal control. He was in a shelter for five days, waiting for his owner to show up.

Once the stray hold was completed, BARC came to the rescue and immediately got him to our vet, where he was diagnosed with a broken back. He is now in Gainesville at our specialist and will undergo surgery as quickly as possible. Please check back for updates.

Update: Our specialist has diagnosed Wiley with a broken/displaced 10th thoracic vertebrae and we are hoping to avoid surgery; the vet recommended six weeks of strict crate rest for healing and then further x-rays. Heartworm treatment is also needed.

Click here to watch Wiley's Story.

Boxer kisses to Carmen Z. and Annie from Pensacola, FL for sponsoring Wiley in the name of Ashley and Peter. [Back]

  • Male
  • Gainesville Area
  • B18-017

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