Agility and Boxers

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When you think of agility do you ever think of boxers? Well you should!  Boxers are a working breed and love to be challenged.  They are naturally athletic and perfect for the agility ring.  Training your boxer in agility will strengthen your bond with them and improve their all around health and happiness.  There are also additional benefits, such as:  getting your boxer off the couch, getting them used to being around lots of people and dogs, and learning to handle them in distracting situations.  Training your boxer in agility, even if you never compete, is a fun and truly rewarding experience. 

Check out the sample video (will open your media player) of Mac and his handler, Georgia, run through a basic agility course.  Mac had only 12 weeks of training (yep - just 3 months) and although he never got through that tunnel, he had a grand time!