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"Saving one animal won't change the world but it will change the world for that one animal." -Unknown

Those interested in adopting a dog from B.A.R.C. must first submit an application to adopt. As we are all volunteers who work full time jobs and devote many hours of our spare time to rescue, we ask that you please not fill out an application until you are seriously considering adopting from us.

Due to the amount of time, money and TLC invested in our animals we do have some requirements for adopting. Our adoption policies and procedures have developed from years of experience in many different rescues. Some of our guidelines are outlined below:

  • You must be 21 yrs of age to adopt and be living on your own.
  • The geographic area in which we place dogs and process applications to adopt is North Florida and South Georgia. If you live outside these areas, we would be happy to refer you to another Boxer rescue organization.
  • B.A.R.C. considers it of utmost importance that all potential B.A.R.C. adopters have their current pets spayed/neutered and up to date on vaccines. All dogs, without exception, are sterilized upon leaving our program. We cannot place dogs in homes where active breeding is taking place.
  • We do not believe that Boxers should live as outdoor pets or be left outside unattended when their owners are unable to supervise them. Boxers do not fare well in the Florida/Georgia heat due to their brachiocephalic facial structure (smashed nose) and also do not fare well in the comparatively mild cold of our winters. In addition, Boxers are so people-oriented they tend to go “nutso” when left outside all day alone-barking non-stop, digging under fences and being escape artists in order to get to their people. Finally, in our area in particular, Boxer rescues receive many reports of pet Boxers being stolen right out of peoples’ yards. It unfortunately is a common practice for our gentle, beloved breed to be used as “bait” in training fighting dogs because they are part of the "bully breed" family.

An explanation of our simple adoption process is as follows:

  • Once you have indicated that you would like to move forward with an adoption and have completed our adoption application, we check all references on your application. If any areas are incomplete, we will contact you for that info but it does slow the process down.
  • A volunteer will contact you to let you know the pending status of your application via email and/or telephone and, if applicable, will arrange a time that is convenient for you to visit you home and speak with you more about our program.
  • If all goes well, we work with you to try to find the dog that is the right match for you and/or your family. You may decide to speak with any foster family or go visit any dog in the B.A.R.C. program at this point; however, final placement lies with the foster home and yourself/family to ensure that a proper match is made.
  • Adoption Contract/Fees: At the time of adoption, you will be required to sign a legally binding contract that ensures you will care for the animal or, in the unfortunate event that you cannot, you will return the dog to B.A.R.C. Adoption fees are to be paid at the time that the contract is signed.
  • Post Adoption Program: After adoption, we hope that your relationship with us will continue. We provide an extensive post-adoption program to those who need training help, have questions, or just want to meet more Boxer lovers. B.A.R.C. adopters recognize that they will always have a support system in their questions as a Boxer owner and a network to interact and meet other Boxer lovers.

To view our adoption fees, additional information and to access our adoption application, please go here. Click here to fill out our application.

Thank you for your interest in a rescued Boxer!